Fiat Scientia

The search for knowledge is essentially Pig Latin - you know most of it is bullshit, but there's a grain of truth in every bit.

*rambles on about something really deep involving love and relationships and how the poeple we meet leave imprints on our subconscious and stuff*

*ends with the line:

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just full of shit.*

Rambling is my life these days.

Keep going.

“Maybe some things are better left broken and scattered
Veiled in darkness, secret bitterness and self-doubt
I should have known better
Than to start something that I couldn’t finish
That I couldn’t care about
That I couldn’t remember starting in the first place
I don’t want to know you
You went years without me
You might as well keep going.”

- Henry Rollins


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Side Note:  I’ll randomly give someone who reblogs this a free poster/shirt.  But please don’t spam.

I swear, the first time I saw this shirt on Phil, I wanted to reach through the screen and rip it off him. And not in a sexy way. either.


Nerdloss is what happens when you miss out on something that would’ve made your inner/outer/middle-section-of-your-tummy-that’s-always-a-bit-too-loose nerd immeasurably happy. It also happens when you learn that you’ll have to miss something like that.

I’m going to miss this year’s LARP. It’s for a good reason and all, but god, I really wanted to go! And my costume is halfway done already! *cries*

This is horrible, Tumblr. Absolutely horrible.


Britain’s Got Talent (made of awesome) finalist Jon Antoine identifies as a nerdfighter. A British tabloid explains that nerdfighteria is “a bizarre Internet cult.”


I probably should have tumbled this when the British people were awake.

Oh, who am I kidding. Tumblypoos don’t sleep at night.

My mother told me to stay away from cults. Boy, is she gonna be mad at me…

Well, I know that I’d watch it…

Please, PLEASE someone make this movie. You can have all my monies.

Yes, please.


Well, I know that I’d watch it…


Please, PLEASE someone make this movie. You can have all my monies.

Yes, please.



“Considered handsome in his own, unconventional way,” & “Seems like looking like an otter is the new sexy.” What the actual fuck?

Fuck the writer of this article who just can’t seem to keep their harsh comments to themselves, but looking at the brighter side, Benedict won the Sexiest Man Award and Jordan Zakarin can sit the fuck down.

Bitch be trippin’. Also, jealousy is an ugly, ugly beast.

Besides, otters are cute. He said it like they were ugly. Otters are not ugly. Here, have an otter:

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Iroh giving advice — requested by ask-appa-the-flying-bison

Ah the simple but powerful wisdom of Iroh. Zuko, Y U NO THERE IN LEGEND OF KORRA?!

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A mini horror story of Tumblr

Tumblr is ruining us. RUINING US, I TELL YOU. It’s over there in the dark, lurking and occasionally giggling evilly. When you squint you can see the outline of its massive deformed body, harry potters and avengers and supernaturals sticking out of its noses and ears. But only in the dark can you catch even a glimpse of this mythical beast. Be careful, though! For Tumblr will gouge out your eyes and replace them with ones that only see it for the rest of eternity if you make eye-screen contact with it. Then it will feast on the remains of your life and career and family as you spend the rest of your shallow existence clicking the damn dashboard button and reblogging shit.

(Posted at the request of my bestie, after I warned her of this mythical creature they call Tumblr.)